Classic Collections

Four Square Eau De Toilette
100 ML - 3.4 FL.OZ
It reflects the style and attitude of an elite man. TOP NOTE : Lemon Ess, Bergamot Ess, Grapefruit Ess, Mandarin Ess, Mint Ess, Apple
MIDDLE NOTE : Pepper Ess, White wood, Rose Abs
BASE NOTE : Amber, Musk

Debora Eau De Toilette
100 ML - 3.4 FL.OZ
Debora make's every women feel like a star. It is a fragrance for glamorous women who live under the spotlights, self - confident, elegant and who wants to draw attentions. TOP NOTE : Orange Ess, Bergamot Ess, Raspberry, Toffee, Apple
MIDDLE NOTE : Jasmine Abs, Rose Ess, Patchouli Ess, Sandalwood
BASE NOTE : Vanilla, Musk

Legacy Eau De Toilette
100 ML - 3.4 FL.OZ
This masculine aromatic-aquatic fragrance introduces aromas of summer, sea, holiday and sun of the Mediterranean islands. TOP NOTE : Bergamot Italy Ess, Lemon Italy Ess, Rosemary Ess, Blackcurrant, Mandarin Ess, Marine notes, Melon
MIDDLE NOTE : Juniper berries Ess, Clary sage Ess, Violet, Patchouli, Ess, Lavandin Ess, Labdanum Ess
BASE NOTE : Moss, Macro cyclic musk Amber

Empire Eau De Toilette
80 ML - 2.7 FL.OZ
Is specially designed for men who love to celebrate strength, vision and success. The finest ingredients were hand selected for this composition. TOP NOTE : Bergamot Italy Ess, Citron Italy Ess, Orange Ess, Peppermint Ess, Rosemary Ess
MIDDLE NOTE : Galbanum Ess, Goranlum Ess, Clary Sage, Sandalwood
BASE NOTE : Moss, Musk

Legende De Parfum Eau De Toilette
100 ML - 3.4 FL.OZ
Is a heavy, rich, intensive and masculine fragrance, dominated by dark, warm and dry precious notes with an accord of raw materials and a heavy, natural, earth-like note. TOP NOTE : Lemon Ess, Bergamot Ess, Orange Ess, Mint Ess, Cardamom Ess
MIDDLE NOTE : Geranium Ess, Lavender Ess, Sandalwood, Labdanum Abs
BASE NOTE : Amber, Musk

Down Town Eau De Toilette
100 ML - 3.4 FL.OZ
Down town offers a luminous opening full of sparking nightlife and energy. TOP NOTE : Yuzu, Lemon, Bergamot, Grapefruit
MIDDLE NOTE : Lotus, Lily, of the Valley, Nutmeg, Cinnamon
BASE NOTE : Vetiver, Cedar, White Musk

Charming Eau De Toilette
100 ML - 3.4 FL.OZ
Charming is a real treat for those lovers of sour cherry aroma that stimulates the imagination. It is inspired by Asrar Perfumers, walking through orchards and picking cherries. TOP NOTE : Tangerine, Cherry, Raspberry
MIDDLE NOTE : Gardenia, Orchid
BASE NOTE : Vanilla, Coconut, Marshmallow, Musk

Night Lady Eau De Toilette
100 ML - 3.4 FL.OZ
Is a deeper, richer and more sensual version. TOP NOTE : Orange Ess, Bergamot Ess, Mandarin Ess, Peach, Toffee
MIDDLE NOTE : Rose Ess, Jasmine Abs, Violet, White wood
BASE NOTE : Amber, Musk, Vanilla

Marcopolo Eau De Toilette
100 ML - 3.4 FL.OZ
The fragrance is light, fresh, and more floral, dedicated to woman who wish to please both, themselves and others without dominating. TOP NOTE : Lemon, Pepper, Apple
MIDDLE NOTE : Cedar wood, Caramel, Jasmine
BASE NOTE : Patchouli, Raspberry, Vanilla

Marcopolo Eau De Toilette
100 ML - 3.4 FL.OZ
This perfume is definitely masculine, Knowing the desire of some woman to wear men's fragrances, despite of its soft and warm woodsy notes and even sweet notes of the dry down. TOP NOTE : Lemon, Lavender
MIDDLE NOTE : Nagarmotha
BASE NOTE : Amber, Patchouli

Privacy Eau De Toilette
100 ML - 3.4 FL.OZ
This fragrance was once revolutionary amongst masculine fragrance introducing strong and intense woody notes instead of the traditional aromatic and citrusy ones Privacy is intended to men of our times it is designed around modern woody nuances. TOP NOTE : Fresh and spicy accords of green mandarin, pink pepper, nutmeg and birch leaves.
MIDDLE NOTE : Deep and intense woody character os provided by the heart of cedar, patchouli and vetiver.
BASE NOTE : captures incense and animalistic notes.

Picasso Eau De Toilette
100 ML - 3.4 FL.OZ
The fragrance supposedly embodies glamour, Elegance and fun atmosphere The composition is described as a fresh, sensual and feminine. TOP NOTE : touch of pink champagne, fresh and slightly fruity
MIDDLE NOTE : peach tree blossom accord which provides a dose of sophistication to the composition.
BASE NOTE : sensual and soft woody notes (queen wood, musk and amber).

Paris Noir Eau De Toilette
75 ML - 2.55 FL.OZ
Specially made for who have to travel more & sportly Person TOP NOTE : labdanum, nutmeg ginger, sandalwood
MIDDLE NOTE : patchouli, mint jasmine, grapefruit, citruses
BASE NOTE : vetiver, incense, cedar and pink pepper.

Affection Eau De Toilette
100 ML - 3.4 FL.OZ
Affection : Affection is about a moment of happiness A luxurious, haute couture edition of ASRAR. It is described as bold, rich and exuberant way to celebrate the glamour of this house. TOP NOTE : Floral – woody fragrance of the Mediterranean and as a heavenly bouquet that opens.
MIDDLE NOTE : Citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin, blending with the floral heart of jasmine.
BASE NOTE :Warm woody accords of cypress, parasol pine and pink laurel.